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Tips de Liderazgo

7 razones por las que el candidato perfecto no es contratado

shutterstock 105088016¿Has realizado una solicitud de empleo donde sabes que eres el candidato perfecto, pero la empresa no te llama? He aquí las razones...


5 Things That Drive Away Customers

zebras 1940x900 34038How often do you drive away customers without even realizing it?

I thought about this recently, when I had a bad experience in a local store. The salespeople were too busy to help, and there was only one register serving a long line of customers. They had the product I was looking for. I had cash in my hand. But I eventually walked out without buying anything.


10 pasos para hacer tu startup realidad

startup realidad 0114Toda aventura emprendedora inicia con una buena idea, evoluciona con varias ideas increíbles y, con suerte, termina convirtiéndose en una empresa exitosa.
¿Pero cómo puedes ir de tu primera idea al éxito? Éstos son 10 pasos a seguir para convertir tus sueños de emprender en realidad:


4 tips para ser un CEO ahorrador

ahorrador 0214Dirigir un negocio con recursos (muy) limitados puede retribuirse en formas poco previsibles –la creatividad y la innovación se ven favorecidas cuando los recursos son pocos, y las investigaciones sugieren que las empresas con directivos ahorradores son menos propensas a los errores administrativos y a los fraudes.


10 Tips For Being More Productive, From The CEO Of Red Hat

red-hat-jim-whitehurst-3No matter what your job, in one wayour days are basically the same: We all have the same amount of time at our disposal.
That's why how you use your time makes all the difference... whether you're bootstrapping a startup or running a billion-dollar company like Jim Whitehurst, the president and CEO of Red Hat, one of the largest and most successful providers of open source software.


How To See Career Failures As Learning Opportunities

careerWhen I was a young girl and started taking gymnastics lessons, I hung a poster on the wall of my bedroom showing a gymnast doing a split leap on the balance beam. The caption on the poster was an anonymous quote that stated: “If it’s to be it’s up to me.”


10 ingredientes de una invención exitosa

invencion 0214A veces me siento como un sacerdote. Cuando les digo a las personas que no sólo soy un inventor, sino que también ayudo a otros innovadores, casi todos tienen una “confesión” que hacerme. Tienen una idea que han estado pensando por años y que les gustaría sacar de su pecho. Quieren obtener retroalimentación y la visión de un profesional. Y casi toda sesión de confesión termina con una distinta versión de las mismas preguntas: “¿Cuál es tu instinto acerca de mi idea? ¿Me hará rico?”.


Why You Should Let Your Employees Do Whatever They Want

colored-pencils-1940x900 34113Focus can be a powerful thing. Many entrepreneurs and business owners built their fortunes by driving relentlessly toward a single goal. It’s no surprise so many of them eliminate any project that isn’t related to their company’s “core competency.”

But the world has changed.

Take RIM, the creators of the Blackberry. With the invention of the first viable smartphone, the company became a major corporation virtually overnight. But when superior versions replaced what they pioneered, they had nothing else in the pipeline. Today RIM is on death’s doorstep.


5 Ways to Win People Over

body-language-hands-1940x900 29605Winning people over isn't always easy. Yet the ability to apply the gentle art of persuasion to relationships new and old is essential.