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Tips de Liderazgo

10 tips para dar grandes presentaciones

orador 1213Hablar en un escenario frente a una audiencia es un privilegio bastante aterrador. Tienes la atención de un grupo de personas y la oportunidad de conseguir un impacto directo en sus vidas (y potencialmente en sus futuros). Sigue estos consejos para dar buenas presentaciones:


The Focused Leader

images 3A primary task of leadership is to direct attention.To do so, leaders must learn to focus their own attention. When we speak about being focused, we commonly mean thinking about one thing while filtering out distractions. But a wealth of recent research in neuroscience shows that we focus in many ways, for different purposes, drawing on different neural pathways—some of which work in concert, while others tend to stand in opposition.


The First Apple Store App For iPad Nails Tablet Shopping With Clever Gesture And Image Focused Interface

ipad-air-storeToday, Apple is launching its very first Apple Store app for iPad, bringing a gorgeous shopping experience to its tablet in a long-overdue move. The new app arrives just in time for the holidays and utilizes the display and capabilities of the iPad to present a best-in-class shopping experience.


10 Qualities Every Leader of The Future Needs to Have

10-qualities-every-leader-of-the-future-needs-to-haveThe reigning theory in business has long been that "alpha" leaders make the best entrepreneurs. These are aggressive, results-driven achievers who assert control and insist on a hierarchical organizational model. Yet I am seeing increasing success from "beta" startup cultures where the emphasis is on collaboration, curation and communication.


Claves de Kevin Roberts para construir una lovemark

kevinroberts-lovemarksNo importa si se trata de una empresa de bienes o servicios; un solo producto, una persona, un lugar, una película o, incluso, una organización civil, ser considerada una lovemark es una cuestión aspiracional, un distintivo y mucho más que un diferenciador por la simple y sencilla razón de que esas marchas han hecho algo que las demás no. Pero, ¿qué y cómo lo lograron?


How Google Convinced Its Engineers That Managers Matter

google-dublin-office-6Google is well known for an intensely data-focused human resources and management strategy. Yet one of its biggest tasks has been convincing its many engineers that their bosses are valuable.


9 Ways to Beat the Competition By Selling Less

9-ways-beat-competition-selling-lessThe male red-breasted robin has a highly predictable reaction when another male red-breasted robin enters his territory: He attacks. Interestingly, what puts the first bird into full attack mode isn't the other bird itself -- it's the mere sight of red feathers. A single red feather in a pile of non-red feathers will set off this attack response.


How To Become A More Likeable Leader

10974v7-max-250x250To some, “leadership” and “likeability” may seem like a contradiction in terms. After all, Steve Jobs was a renowned CEO, but not exactly warm and fuzzy. And if you’re making hard decisions, you’re bound to make a few enemies – right?


The 5 Must-Have Qualities Of The Modern Company


memories-of-tomorrow 1Over the past few months I have been exploring how the various facets of work are evolving and changing, specifically around behaviors. This started with two articles, the first was The 5 Must-Have Qualities Of The Modern Manager and the second was The 5 Must-Have Qualities Of The Modern Employee. Today I want to take a look at how companies themselves need to evolve and change so that they can not only attract and retain top talent, but so that they can continue to exist and thrive in the future. Here are my 5 must have qualities of the modern company.