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Crece ordenadamente o muere en el intento

crece ordenadoEn esta ocasión, hablaré de las etapas que debe seguir una startup para crecer ordenadamente y no morir en el intento sin saber siquiera qué fue: si un asesinato de la competencia, un suicidio por mala ejecución, deshidratación por mala administración de los recursos o la peor de todas, ahogado en una idea que nadie quiere.


5 Ways To Increase Life Satisfaction


happyprofessionalworkI’ve posted a lot about the research around how to be happier. But being satisfied with your life is something a little different.
Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize winner and author of Thinking, Fast and Slow, gave a TED talk where he explained the two pretty well:


Aprende a fracasar y celébralo

celebrating failure“Sólo aquellos que se atreven a fallar en grande no conseguirán nada”
-Robert F. Kennedy


30-Second Strategies for Better Performance and Productivity

stopwatch 35853You spend countless hours trying to improve your performance, but sometimes the biggest gains can be made in half a minute.


¿Por qué los emprendedores son más creativos?

brain1Muchos practicantes han alegado durante mucho tiempo que los emprendedores piensan más creativamente que el resto de nosotros ya que fueron fabricados de manera diferente. Recientemente investigadores académicos han empezado a tomarle gran importancia a esta noción.


6 Habits of Super Successful People

roller-coaster-1940x900 35827Why are some people more successful than others? There’s really no mystery: It's because they do things differently than people who are less successful. Here are six things that very successful people do every day. Embrace these habits and you can greatly accelerate your own success.


How To Succeed At A Task That Terrifies You


bridge-27First-generation college students — undergraduates whose parents did not attend university — have reason to be proud. They’ve made it, against daunting odds.
But once they get on campus, many of these individuals struggle.


10 Things Great Leaders Say Every Week

congrats-card-1940x900 35776Great leaders set great goals, and they ensure that those who follow them know what those goals are. That's why it's important to focus on how everyone's daily work connects to the big picture.


The Crucial Part Of Networking Most People Forget

networkingEvery year in mid-March, tens of thousands of people likely exchange business cards in Austin, Texas.
After all, there's no better place to mingle with the "who's who" of the tech and music scenes than South By Southwest (SXSW), the annual festival of all things new, hip and cool. In fact, on March 11 rocker Neil Young dropped in to promote Pono, the up and coming online music site. Better believe there were industry movers and shakers in that crowd.